What is LANSCA?

Los Angeles and Nagoya Sister City Affiliation was born as a part of President Eisenhower’s Citizens’ international Exchange Program in 1959, creating a sister city relationship between the cities of Los Angeles and Nagoya.

The primary goal of the sister city program is to foster mutual understanding between the people of Los Angeles and Nagoya through people-to-people exchange activities.

High School Student Exchange Program Committee

A student exchange program is a program in which students from a secondary school or university study abroad at one of their institution’s partner institutions.

Teacher Program Committee

A teacher exchange program means that you swap jobs with another teacher in another part of the world for a specific time period. An international teacher exchange is making for a more internationally focused and fulfilling teaching career.

Art Program

The Art Committee of LANSCA cultivates art programs to deepen our relationship with children and artists of Nagoya, using this fundamental principal, that art is a way of communicating without words.

Event Planning Committee

LANSCA’s Event Planning Committee organizes and carries out various theme events such as culture, business and tourism.

Message from Chair of LANSCA [2019]

Message from Chair of LANSCA, 2019

Hello and thank you for visiting this website. Please explore. I think you will find it as interesting as it is informative. Let me tell you more about organization and what we are planning this year.

On March 31, 1959, the sister city relationship between Los Angeles and Nagoya, Japan was born as a part of President Eisenhower’s Citizens’ International Exchange Program. For both cities, it was the first sister city relationship. A few years later the Los Angeles Nagoya Sister City Affiliation (known as LANSCA) was formed. LANSCA is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Over the years LANSCA has worked with its counterpart in Nagoya to establish and carry out many cultural, civic, educational and, most recently, commercial exchange programs. Other pages on this site will explain some of those programs and more detail about LANSCA’s history.