Four high school students of the LANSCA exchange program departed for Japan

With their families

On July 5, 2019, four high school students departed for Japan to stay there for 3 weeks. They will be attending a high school in Nagoya and stay with their host families to experience Japanese culture. LANSCA appreciates the support for this student program from Japan Airlines. Japan Airlines celebrates its 60th anniversary of its Japan-US flight as LANSCA is celebrating its 60th anniversary as well.

4 students with a chaperone heading to the gate

Mr. Kiichi Nakajima(left) and Ms. Yukie Morinaga(right) of Japan Airlines and Teruko Weinberg of LANSCA


Caelan Carter
(Downtown Magnets High School)

Karina Morales
(Eagle Rock High School)

Jecssica Mora
(Downtown Magnets High School)

Shane Zhang
(Eagle Rock High School)


Arrived at Nagoya